Join as a volunteer

Over 20? Seeking a new challenge? Would you like to develop skills, leadership qualities and gain qualifications too? Or just pass your skills, experience or support to the youth of today?

All kinds of people make up our volunteer staff, coming from a range of backgrounds and interests. If you have direct experience of working with young people, or any relevant skills such as flying or gliding, you would be particularly welcome. These aren’t essential though, as we will train and support you at every stage.

There are a range of staff roles on offer with varying levels of commitment, experience and skill – there are roles that can suit anyone or any time commitment.

Officers and Senior Non Commisioned Officers

These staff help run, manage and organise the squadron with the aid of the Civilian Instructors, Civilian Welfare Committee and Chaplain. Wearing uniform and having undergone training – they help lead and inspire the cadets in developing themselves into young mature adults.

Civilian Instructors

The most numerous volunteers in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, and the backbone of the organisation are Civilian Instructors. It’s a varied role allowing you to use your skills where they best fit. You can give as much or little time as you can, and you don’t need any formal qualifications – just enthusiasm that’s infectious. You could help instruct our cadets, help with the administration or take them on activities and opportunities.

Being a Civilian Instructor is the gateway to progressing (if you want to) on to being a member of uniformed staff and rising through the ranks, although many instructors are happy to remain civilian instructors as they find they can provide great opportunities for our cadets from this role.

Civilian Welfare Committee

As well as the obvious support elements, their is also an allied civilian structure that effectively supports the organisation. The Civilian Committee help support the squadron by helping to raise and manage funds, and providing advice and a friendly ear to our Commanding Officer and his staff.

The Committee meet approximately monthly, and are primarily made of parents and ex parents of cadets, although anybody from the community is made very welcome to join. Fundraising is a very important aspect of the squadron as it is needed to support our cadets in their activities, and to keep our minibus on the road (which runs from Haxby, York every parade night).

The committee get a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction out of assisting their squadron – and are led and guided by our Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

How do I join?

Please fill out our contact form below, and a member of our staff will be in contact with you to tell you more about how you can join the team!

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