Cadets and staff get the opportunity to partake in the sport of rifle shooting. When the Air Cadets were original formed in 1941 it was a recruiting organisation for the Royal Air Force, and it made good sense for marksmanship to be on the training syllabus. Whilst this is no longer the case, shooting remains one of the most popular cadet activities.

We typically get the opportunity to fire a variety of rifles – starting with the Air Rifle, and moving on to the L144A1 Small Bore rifle, and up to the L98A2 Rifle.

Recently we have also started to venture into Clay Pidgeon shooting, run by our Wing. This has proven to be a very popular activity!

Training on all our weapons systems is provided as safety is paramount. Supervising staff are trained to deal with any eventualities and ensure that the range is run safely and efficiently.

Why do cadets enjoy shooting?

Shooting is a disciplined art. It needs a keen eye and good concentration, along with a good level of self discipline. Becoming a good shot takes time and effort – and cadets relish the challenge of mastering the art.

How do we shoot?

Basic firing is always done lying on your stomach (the prone position) at static targets. Progress through the syllabus and you’ll experience different types of weapons, firing positions and could even take part in shooting competitions if you really prove your skills.